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Occupational Therapy Consulting

Occupational therapy helps children improve performance in learning, self-care & socialization.
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Physical Therapy Consulting

Physical therapy specializes in maximizing movement and physical function. For pediatrics, play is usually part of treatment.
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Psychology Consulting Services

Child psychology supports a child’s developmental, behavioral, emotional, and academic functioning.
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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy Consulting

Speech-Language therapists help people who have difficulty communicating.
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Learning Support

Learning Support Services

Specialists facilitate student learning and engagement with the curriculum.
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Applied Behavior Analysis

An approach to understanding behavior and how it is affected by the environment.
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Appointment Request

If you would like to make an appointment, please call

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  • Shanghai & Nanjing:(8621) 5404-0058 or (8621) 5404-0059
  • Shenzhen & Guangzhou: (0755) 33506288 or 18565750759

You can also email us and we will get back to you  as quickly as possible.

  • Shanghai & Nanjing: service_sh@lih-oliviasplace.com
  • Beijing & Tianjin: bjlihop@lih-oliviasplace.com