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If you have questions about aspects of your child’s development, the following information outlines the two initial steps to start addressing your concerns. 

Step One: Intake Form

The first step is to complete the intake form. When returning the completed intake form, please also include any previous therapy reports or medical documents. This provides our team the required information to determine the next steps and the most appropriate therapist for your child. Completing an intake form does not obligate you to schedule services with us.

Download the intake form here:

LIH Olivia’s Place Intake Form (Chinese)

LIH Olivia’s Place Intake Form (English)

Please send completed intake forms and supporting documents to:

LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai

LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing

Step Two: Assessment

The next step after returning the completed intake form is an evaluation with a therapist, also known as assessment. If your child has a recent evaluation report from another provider, we will often be able to work with you to begin therapy services. If your child has never had therapy before or has not had therapy recently, your child will need to complete an evaluation. An evaluation is required to learn more about your child and to set baseline objectives against which future progress can be measured.

For speech, occupational, and physical therapy, an evaluation takes 1-2 hours, depending on the concerns presented. Typically, an evaluation will include clinical observation, standardized testing which may include various physical activities, and parent interview.  As with therapy, the assessment may include “play” activities that are appropriate to your child’s age and developmental needs. You will receive a formal written report within 21 days of the date of assessment.

The length of a psychology evaluation varies depending on the concerns presented, but will frequently include observation, standardized testing, parent and teacher interviews, and when appropriate, classroom observation. The components of psychological testing are discussed with parents in an initial meeting prior to scheduling the assessment. You will receive a formal written report within 30 days of completed psychology assessment.

Scheduling Appointments

After your completed intake form is received, in most cases you will be able to schedule an appointment within one week for an assessment. If there is a higher demand for services than usual, the wait might be slightly longer.


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