Psychology Services

Psychology Services

The objective of child psychology is to improve a child’s psychological functioning and mental health. This goal touches on all aspects of a child’s interactions with the world: at home with family and friends, at school with peers and teachers – and even within the child as his or her identity develops.

Children are distinctly different from adults. Physical, emotional, and mental differences in maturity necessitate specialized expertise to achieve an optimal outcome. For this reason, it is important to choose providers who have depth of experience in what works for children. Our Psychology Services for kids include:

Psychological Assessment

Our Psychology Team has the expertise to conduct assessments of educational, mental health, and neuropsychological functioning. We regularly conduct assessments related to learning problems, ADHD, Autism Spectrum Disorders, cognitive impairment, mental health concerns such as anxiety and depression, and challenging behavior.

Child and Family Therapy

Therapy can support a child who is struggling in some area of their life.  Many children face social, emotional, or behavioral challenges that parents find difficult to address on their own.

Behavioral Consultation

Behavioral Consultation is a process to address an undesirable or challenging behavior that a child is exhibiting at home or in school. Working as a team with both primary caregivers and schools, our psychologists help craft a plan to steer the child in a positive direction.


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