Education Programs

Education Programs

Child development has many facets and every child’s development is unique. With so much to know about the optimal development of each individual child, continuing education classes are designed to support parents, children, and community organizations.

To increase the collective knowledge base about child development, we also partner with medical and educational professionals on topics of shared interest.

For Parents and Children

Classes and meetings provide parents with an opportunity to learn about childhood developmental milestones, address specific concerns, and benefit for our staff’s expertise in each of the disciplines we offer. Children can benefit in a group setting to improve skills like handwriting and socializing. 

Click for current parent and children schedules for Shanghai and Beijing. 

For Medical and Education Professionals

With a shared professional interest in optimal childhood development, our therapy consultants and learning support specialists regularly team up with medical professionals and educators to ensure a holistic view of children. In the spirit of continuing education, professional development and round-table workshop are offered for hospitals, clinics, schools, kindergartens, preschools, and other institutions. Click to view our current professional workshops. We can also work with your school to provide a customized training event.

For Community Organizations

Like other community organizations, we share a vision of making China a great place for children. Click to view our current selection of community education programs. We are also happy to partner with you to provide a customized program to meet your needs.