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Summer Camp at LIH Olivia’s Place — Early Intensive Behavior Intervention 


Summer is coming, LIH Olivia’s Place has designed a special summer camp based on EIBI. Summer camp will lead by our BCBA ChunMae Lee and the team of special education teachers and behavior specialists.


  • Pioneered by Dr. Ivar Lovaas at UCLA in the 1960s.
  • Research study(1987) evaluated 19 young autistic children received over two years of 40-hour/week behavioral intervention
  • Nearly half of the children improved so much they were indistinguishable from typical children, and they went on to lead fairly normal lives.
  • Of the other half, most had significant improvements, but a few did not improve much.
  • Over sis decades of research supports intensive, structured intervention
  • The key in helping improve challenging behavior, functioning
  • EIBI can lead to a savings of $ 208,500 per child across 18 years of education in the US

Who will apply?

Child form age 2 to age 7. Summer holiday is a good time for children to take a break and refill the energy for the next school year. Our summer camp aims to help kids to build up their confidence get ready for new school year.

 summer camp1 summer camp 2

Program highlight  

  • School environment settings: help kids to learn and practice classroom structure and rules
  • 1 to 1 support: provide intensive support based on a child’s skill
  • X to 1: supported by X teachers (more than 1) to help the child to adapt to various teaching styles
  • Individual behavior intervention plan: reduce the inappropriate behavior in the school settings
  • Sleep, eating and toilet training: help a child’s global development
  • Opportunity to practice communication with adults and peers: learn age appropriate social communication and play skills
  • 1 to 1 parents support: help parents to learn strategies for behavior intervention

What the program looks like?

  • Early program

The classroom setting is similar with the kindergarten. One on one support will be provided to children form 2-5 years old, to help them to reach their development milestone at a specific age. Child will learn the rules for classroom and group activities, which will help them to be ready for the next school year.

  • Pre-school program

Help children from age 5 to 7 to prepare themselves to primary school. Teach children reading, mathematics, etc. at the one on one environment. Social communications and play strategies will also be implemented to help children to make friends.

What make this summer camp different?

This summer camp is designed on Early Intensive Behavioral Intervention, EIBI theory in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). The aim is to enable children with those necessary skills to enter school, to help them to be more engaged in school.

Will the child learn social skills?

Yes. This is a strength based program. Every child will have an individual learning plan based on her/his profile. The program helps children to learn social skills and other skills to match the child’s age.

  • Functional communication
  • Play activities
  • Reduce challenging behaviors
  • Self-management skills (follow routines, toilet training, teeth brushing, dressing, sleeping, eating, etc.)
  • Social skills


potty training sleeplist

Does this program include only ABA?

This program is based on ABA theory and is designed to balance nature environment teaching and structural teaching. Whenever a child’s need is identified, support will be implemented, like speech-language support.

Number of sessions in a week?

This is a half-day program, 5 days a week. Each cycle lasts for two weeks.
Language: Chinese
Duration: 5 days a week

Professionals– Learning and Behavioral Support Team: Chunmae, MA, BCBA, Clinical Psychologist; Yangkang Pong, MA, Behavior Therapist; Shu Lin, RBT, Behavior Specialist; Jiani Yang, MA., Inclusive Special Education Support.

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Social Skills Group

Admission criteria:

  • Age range 3-6 years (development age: 3-4 years)
  • Completed the screening tool of Alex Kelly “Talk About Myself”


Number of children: 4 to 6

Goals of the group:

Main goals: To develop children’s early communication skills from a speech-language therapy point of view.

Social skills — e.g. Greeting; Emotions; Building body awareness; Talking bodies; Sharing and taking turns; Reciprocity; Builds up from parallel play and joint play

The second focus:To develop children’s language understanding and expression.

PS: We will arrange the screening for each child to design the goals in order to specialize each’s goal and reinforcement in the group.

  • Duration:5 hour/ time
  • Frequency:2 per week
  • Therapist assignment: Each session would have one senior therapist with two junior therapists.


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PLEASE NOTE: Refunds for classes cannot be offered for classes after the start date. 

Handling and Positioning Techniques for Infants — How to carry your baby and encourage your baby to sit, stand and walk.


Babies are sensitive to their new early environment. Therefore, it is important to help them to adapt to this new environment. Correct handling and positioning is important for physiological development of muscles, bones and all parts of the body. It is also important for normal development of gross motor skills and neurologic development.

During this course, parents will receive information about safe and comfortable handling and positioning of their baby in order to facilitate movement and development of gross motor skills. They will also receive advice on safe positioning during the day and night (in baby’s crib, stroller, car seat etc.) and advice on safe positioning during breastfeeding and feeding.

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  • Introduction to child’s development
  • Introduction to handling and positioning techniques
  • Importance of correct handling and positioning of infants
  • Effects of proper and improper handling and positioning
  • Safety precautions
  • Practical examples and training

Target Audience: Parents and infants aged 0-1 year (grandparents and nannies are also welcome)
Type: Individual practical training for 1 baby and parents (grandparents, nannies)
Language: English and Chinese
Duration: 60-90 minutes (will adjust according to the baby’s condition)
Presenters – one or two members of Physical Therapy Team: Lenka Lukovska, MSc., Bc., PT, Physical Therapy Lead; Lexi Guo, BSc., Physical Therapist; Xin Tang, MSc., Bc., Physical Therapist
Availability: Mondays 15:00-16:30 (booking required) or based on parents’ requirements and availability
Price: Please contact us for the details

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Makaton Training with LIH Olivia’s Place

Makaton is a language program using signs and symbols to help people to communicate. It’s designed to support spoken language and the signs and symbols are used with speech, in spoken word order.

The Fundation Workshop provides a detailed introduction to Makaton and combines a practical approach with therapy and technical information. Lectures cover research into sign and symbol use, symbol design themes, the use and purpose of Makaton and overview of alternative systems of communication. You will learn the signs and symbols for Stages 1-4 and Additional of the Core Vocabulary.

Makaton workshops are an opportunity to learn with other people, share your experiences, receive feedback on your signing and symbol work and enables you to practice with others. It also gives you the opportunity to meet and build a relationship with a Makaton Tutor, who can help and support you in the future. All participants will receive a certificate of attendance, which will enable participants to continue to progress through the Makaton Workshop levels.

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Twilight Series for Teachers

The Twilight Series for Teachers at LIH Olivia’s Place is a series of educator-oriented, learning outcome-focused presentations or workshops that takes place once a month during the school year at LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai. Topics cover speech & language development and motor development for young children, behavior, learning, executive functioning, and support for children with special needs, and mental health. Participants receive a Certificate of Attendance.

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Sunlight Series for Parents & Caregivers
The Sunlight Series, open to parents and caregivers, offers accessible bilingual information on parenting and child development in a safe and welcoming environment. Presentations will be offered in Chinese and/or will be provided with translation.

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