Move It Monster Cards


Get moving with the LIH Olivia’s Place 

Move It MonstersTM  

Collectible cards with fun Monster Moves



Side 2 lists any materials needed and how to play the monster’s game.

Side 2 lists any materials needed
and how to play the monster’s game.

Side 1 introduces the Monster’s story & his or her Move It stats.

Side 1 introduces the Monster’s story &
his or her Move It stats.

Kids need at least 60 minutes of physical activity every day.

Every minute counts. Whether concentrated in big blocks or spread throughout the day, every minute spent moving counts towards the daily goal of at least 60 minutes.

To help families reach this target, Olivia’s Place physical therapists partnered with parents to create the Move It Monsters collectible cards.

Monster Moves are designed to fit seamlessly into a busy family’s life. Each pack of cards offers 26 different physical activities that engage kids and get them excited about moving.

  • Play anytime. Play for a few minutes or play for an hour.
  • No special equipment. Use what you have around your home.
  • Self play or playdates. Active alternative to TV and video games.
  • Indoors or out. Never mind the weather or pollution!


Move It Monster cards make great gifts for kids, teachers, and parents searching for inspiration to get their kids moving.


Move It Monsters launched in conjunction with Shanghai Mamas to get families moving.

Complete sets with 26 different activities are available at LIH Olivia’s Place.

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