Our foundation

In addition to assisting with therapy costs for individual children, Olivia’s Foundation promotes access to high quality therapy for all children in China and acts as a community resource for the development of inclusive school models. We partner with local hospitals, rehabilitation centers, schools, orphanages, and other organizations to provide technical expertise, training, and other resources. The foundation also coordinates our staff’s pro bono work and major volunteer initiatives in China.

Donations of time and resources to the foundation offset the standard cost of care for families in financial need, regardless of their citizenship. An external review board grants funds using criteria that take into consideration both the family’s financial situation and the severity of a child’s needs.

For more information about Olivia’s Foundation programs and how you can help, please contact us.

2012-2013 Foundation Support

Olivia’s Foundation has received generous contributions from many individual and corporate benefactors  to help provide treatment to children in need. We would like to express our sincere gratitude to:

Asia Legal Resources (Beth Bunnell & Lucy Li)

Baby in Harmony Productions

Brits Abroad

Bumps & Babes

China Population Welfare Foundation

Chinese Language Center at JBC

Quynh Chow (Rotary Club of Shanghai 2012 Leadership Award Proceeds)

Cub Scouts Pack 12

East West Theater Company

Expatriate Professional Women’s Society (EPWS)

Cathy Hsu

Dr. Laura Lofy

Hirono Magistrali – Kundalini Yoga and Personal Coaching

Christine Nguyen

Mae-Ling Tien

Maggie Tai Tucker

Minzu Hospital

The Rodavich Family

Obido Toys

Amy Vijayanagar

QC_Asia Legal Resources Donation


Kids Helping Kids: Quynh Chow Accepts a Donation on Behalf of Olivia’s Foundation.