New School Relationship Team for the new school year

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Louis Liu
International School Relationship

Dear Friends of LIH Olivia’s Place,

I am Louis Liu, the school relations manager, at LIH Olivia’s Place Shanghai. It’s my great pleasure to meet you here. I received my bachelor’s degree at China Pharmaceutical University at Nanjing. Having studied four years in the field of pharmaceutical sciences, I never thought I will pursue my career in the field of pediatric rehabilitation. I got to know LIH Olivia’s Place in 2016 and started my new journey from there.

3 years at LIH Olivia’s Place

I often hear people asking me why I chose this job. My answer was and would continue to be that I wanted my job to be meaningful. It’s not about making money to live a life, it’s about to bring changes to other people. Every time when I see people come with nervous while leaving with a smile on their face, I know that my work has been worthwhile. 3 years at Olivia’s Place, I heard many stories and saw lots of touching moments, which motivated me and proved that we are doing the good and right thing.

How I can be Helpful to You

As a school liaison, my role is to help schools, teachers, and families to access resources to help students to better fulfill their potential. As an educator making impact and building future, you are the most important role to lead the students to their future. But on the way, you may face challenges, you may see a child in your class struggle to make friends, you may see a child suffering emotional difficulties, you may see a parent who is desperate for help but have no confidence in the local supporting pathways, etc. That is where I can help. I can help to bring in quality therapy service to meet students and families’ clinical and emotional needs.

For the international school community, I know that teachers are facing challenges as this is such an environment with diversity. Things may go different from what you have been familiar with, in the aspects of culture, policy and so on. I hope, by working together, we can break barriers that may interfere children to receive the best services in China.


Yoyo Zhou
International School Relationship

Dear Friends of LIH Olivia’s Place,

I’m Yoyo who is the new school liaison at LIH Olivia’s Place and it’s a great pleasure to introduce myself here.

About me

I spent my first two years of my high school in Yew Wah International School, and took my last school year in the US. Before this, I was studying in a public middle school in Shanghai. In addition, I received my bachelor degree in New York City and stayed there for 7 years. That said, I have always been evolved in a diversify environment and thus to have a better understanding and experiences between Chinese and oversea cultures, as well as the school life in both private and public schools. I believe, all of these would be beneficial for me to better relate with my clients.

What I learnt about LIH Olivia’s Place

Back to the time before I joined LIH Olivia’s Place, I had no idea what autism was, what the specific symptoms of the kids would be, and how the autism would affect these kids’ life and future. Now, after I have talked with so many parents and have seen all these cases myself, I am able to have a better understanding not only the neurodevelopment disorder itself, but also what all these parents and kids were experiencing mentally. I felt happy from my heart to see that our services could help pulling these families from desperate to hope and happiness.

My View about Rehabilitation in China

China’s medical rehabilitation still remains at a lower penetration rate compared to the global benchmarks, such as the US. This could be mainly attributable to the lack of therapists and how Chinese parents’ cognition about the neurodevelopment disorders. I hope I could help the Chinese parents to better understand medical rehabilitations and let them give their children a better therapy in the early stage.

For my Position, as a School Liaison

I will coordinate with school’s learning support departments and teachers to take their referrals regarding students who are in demand for services and supports from our clinic. Setting up the bridge between our clinic and school learning support department, and providing consulting services and feasible solutions to teachers and administrators who are confronting issues that need to be solved.

For any support regarding training, including teacher trainings and parents trainings etc, from school teachers, I can book and coordinate workshop according to any specific needs.

As a marketing personnel, I will also participate in the major educational forums and festivals held by international communities and international schools. At the same time, I would bring in our therapists as well to give corresponding presentations if needed.