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Between July and September, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing was invited to attend numerous events in the community to provide training and information for parents, teachers, and healthcare professionals.

Lectures on Child Development at Hongkong Clinic & BIBS

Milind HK ClinicOn July 27, Milind Sonawane,  Speech-Language Therapy Lead at LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing, offered a lecture to clinicians at Beijing’s Hongkong Clinic on the topic of Child Development and Pediatric Therapy. The event served as the foundation for further cooperation between LIH Healthcare and Hongkong Clinic in Beijing to continue the establishment of early screening and intervention treatment of child developmental disorders.

Milind shared his professional knowledge and experience, and discussed the future direction of pediatric therapy with clinicians in attendance. First, he introduced the general pattern of child motor development. He also talked about early “red flags” that signal concern in a child’s motor development. Through case review, Milind explained how an interdisciplinary team ( for example, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and psychology) consultation) conducts a comprehensive and subsequently provides therapy services through a treatment plan. Attendees asked a lot of questions and participated in active discussion, especially on topics like interdisciplinary evaluation, diagnosis, and treatment, as well as the various therapeutic models used across countries.

This event was a tremendous success. Through exchange of experience and knowledge, LIH Olivia’s Place supports clinicians to evaluation and treat child behavior and developmental concerns.

Milind BIBSOn August 15, Mr. Sonawane lectured on child development for more than 70 teachers at Beanstalk International Bilingual School. He talked about children’s development at different stages, including the areas of gross motor, fine motor, social, cognition, and speech and language. He emphasized the significance of focusing on child development, as well as measures to take when there are “red flags” signaling concern. Teachers gained approaches to use as they identify potential problems with a student’s development.

Although each child develops at their own pace, it is possible to see what is within the range of “typical” and we look to “developmental milestones,” such as saying first words, crawling, walking, or even the age a child rides a bike the first time. When a one-year-old is not able to cruise by holding onto furniture or use a pincer grasp to pick up objects, or a three year old is lacks the basic skills to help put on clothes or climb stairs independently, these are examples of situations when early intervention may be greatly beneficial.

As an expert in speech and language, Milind also gave teachers advice on how to help children who have language delays. He explained that, when a child cannot understand your instructions or is having difficulty producing language, or cannot produce sound, it is necessary to consider the child’s ability to think, whether they have a solid language foundation in a specific language, their oral motor skills, their ability to hear and understand, and whether they need more time to answer questions. These observations will help a teacher to understand the child’s level of ability and whether to seek further assistance. Read more

2016 China-US DBP Academic Seminar Held in Beijing

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The “Beijing Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Forum” and “2016 China-U.S. Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Academic Seminar” were successfully held at Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital on 14 October 2016. This seminar was organized by the Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Group of the Beijing Medical Association Pediatrics Branch, Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital, and LIH Olivia’s Place.


LIH Olivia’s Place invited developmental behavioral and rehabilitation pediatricians from Indiana University to introduce progress in developmental behavioral pediatrics, attracting numerous professionals, pediatricians, and therapists. This seminar was supported by Director Liang Aimin, Vice-Chairman of the Group of Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics of the Pediatrics Branch of Beijing Medical Association. President Du Zhongdong and President Meng Zhansong from Shunyi Women and Children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital participated, as well as professionals from pediatric rehabilitation departments, and Hu Dai, Managing Director of LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing. President Du gave remarks on behalf of Qin Jiong, Chairman of the Beijing Medical Association, Developmental Behavioral Pediatrics Group.


The academic seminar provided a collegial atmosphere. Firstly, Dr. Deanna Willis, Vice Chair of Research, Department of Family Medicine, Indiana University Health, introduced “How to Improve Medical Quality,” and “How to study the Impact of Customer Requirements on Customer Satisfaction by Application of the Kano Model,” She discussed the significance of change and summarized eight steps to successful change.

Dr. Deborah Hamby, expert in developmental behavioral pediatrics and neural rehabilitation at Riley Children’s Hospital in Indiana, shared information on evaluation and treatment of children with Down syndrome. Dr. Charles Dietzen, who specializes in pediatric rehabilitation at IU Health, discussed “Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity Management.” Dr. Fengyi Kuo, Occupational Therapist at LIH Olivia’s Place, presented on the topics of “Family-centered Early Intervention and Therapy for Autistic Children” and “Sensory Integration.”

At the conclusion of the seminar, Director Liang Aimin commented that the success of this seminar has not only promoted academic communication between Chinese and American developmental behavioral pediatricians. The event provided motivation for clinicians specializing in developmental and rehabilitative pediatrics to follow, learn, and apply advanced technology trends.

Strategic Partnership Supports DBP Learning: First LIH Healthcare International Observership Launched

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Children’s Specialized Hospital, one of the largest providers in inpatient and outpatient care for children with special health challenges received its first developmental behavior pediatrician (DBP) international trainees, Dr. Amy Meng and Dr. Li Liu from China on November 1, 2016. As the two delegates selected by LIH Healthcare and its local partner healthcare organization, Beijing Children’s Hospital, both Dr. Meng and Dr. Liu have a strong background in pediatrics and are committed to bringing internationally proven DBP practices back to China through firsthand clinical experience in an intensive 2-month observership program.

The program is designed with the goal of extensive exposure to the most advanced practices in the field of developmental behavioral pediatrics, with not only direct clinical observation but also ample educational opportunities within a multi-disciplinary team working environment. “Many training activities that we have here are the same as the ones they design for local DBP fellows. We have all heard about popular assessments and evaluations, but important pieces such as the interpretation and implication of the evaluation, and outcomes measures are quite missing in China due to the lack of training in this area. It is exactly how I want to learn DBP, such a wonderful learning opportunity that LIH provides” said by Dr. Liu, Director of the Pediatrics Wellness Program at Beijing Children’s Hospital. Dr. Meng, who practices at LIH Olivia’s Place in Beijing, has routinely encountered patients and families who are facing the challenges associated with diagnoses such as autism spectrum disorder, and attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder. “We have growing number of patients that require customized treatment. My focus would be learning how to manage cases by using a multi-disciplinary team approach and how to create a seamless workflow to ensure the highest quality service delivered to our patients.”

Since announcement of the official partnership with Children’s Specialized Hospital in New Jersey, US in 2015, management from both organizations has been dedicated to promoting customized training, including direct contact between the employees, bi-weekly training in both clinical and operational and operational areas, and creating a long-term training support system to support LIH Healthcare as we meet the challenge of providing high quality rehabilitative services for people across China.

With an aligned vision to bring high quality, family-centered, evidence-based care and services, the two organizations are working closely to become powerful allies in the journey to create high-value healthcare. Michael Dribbon, Vice President of Business Development of Children’s Specialized Hospital commented “We are very pleased to form a strategic partnership with LIH. The partnership can help us define exciting new opportunities such as the International Observership Program that may lead to change and transformation.”

Left to Right: Michael Dribbon, VP of Business Development, Children’s Specialized Hospital, Anita Lin, LIH Healthcare (US), Dr. Amy Meng, Pediatrician, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing, Dr. Li Liu, Director of Pediatrics Wellness Program, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Dr. Christopher Haines, Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Specialized Hospital

Left to Right: Michael Dribbon, VP of Business Development, Children’s Specialized Hospital, Anita Lin, LIH Healthcare (US), Dr. Amy Meng, Pediatrician, LIH Olivia’s Place Beijing, Dr. Li Liu, Director of Pediatrics Wellness Program, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Dr. Christopher Haines, Chief Medical Officer, Children’s Specialized Hospital

About LIH Healthcare

LIH Healthcare is licensed by Beijing, P.R.C as a comprehensive rehabilitation services company. LIH Healthcare has a wide health care network both domestically and internationally, focused on managing, innovating, and expanding rehabilitation care throughout China. LIH Olivia’s Place, an LIH Healthcare subsidiary, provides pediatric developmental and rehabilitative services in China. To learn more about LIH Healthcare, visit (Chinese-language web site)


About Children’s Specialized Hospital

Children’s Specialized Hospital is the nation’s leading provider of inpatient and outpatient care for children from birth to 21 years of age facing special health challenges — from chronic illnesses and complex physical disabilities like brain and spinal cord injuries, to developmental and behavioral issues like autism and mental health. At 12 different New Jersey locations, CSH pediatric specialists partner with families to make innovative therapies and medical treatments more personalized and effective – so children can achieve more of their goals. Visit



Anita Lin

LIH Healthcare US Office


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Beijing Children’s Hospital & LIH Olivia’s Place Sign Strategic Cooperation Agreement

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On December 4, 2015, the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital,Capital Medical University, and LIH Olivia’s Place signed a strategic cooperation agreement. Nelson Chow, CEO of LIH Changhe, attended the signing ceremony and delivered a speech about LIH Olivia’s Place’s provision of inter-disciplinary care which meets or exceeds international standards for high quality medical and therapy services for children.


Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children's Hospital Department of  Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

Director Fang Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital Department of Neurology and Nelson Chow, CEO, LIH Changhe

BJ Childrens 1

Director Fang Fang, delivered a touching speech on behalf of the Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital and Capital Medical University. She said that they had made a careful medical and academic investigation and found LIH Olivia’s Place to be a strong and trustworthy medical institution. Our newly established cooperation will support the care and development of the children and families we serve.

Family Education Support through a Growing Partnership

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The Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital (BJCH) is one of the leading pediatric neurology departments in our country, which has been existed for more than forty years. This department has complete professional disciplines with advanced technical skills. They have accumulated rich clinical experience in both common and rare diseases of pediatric neurology. The outpatient service is filled with patients of varying difficult cases. In 2013, there were more 110,000 outpatient visits to the department. . This Department is responsible for training and teaching doctors of pediatrics for Capital Medical University and the Inpatient Department of Beijing Pediatric Hospital. To provide parents with more knowledge and improve the communication and exchange of information between BJCH and LIH Olivia’s Place, we decide to carry out joint training for parents.

LIH Olivia’s Place specializes in children’s development, behavior, and rehabilitation for children and adolescents ages birth to 18 years of age. The Beijing clinic offers an international multi-disciplinary team (developmental behavioral pediatricians, pediatric neurology, pediatric rehabilitation physicians, clinical and educational psychologists, and an therapy team composed of physical therapists, occupational therapists, speech-language therapists, and behavioral therapists.

In order to give full play to the respective advantages of both BJCH and LIH Olivia’s Place and provide the highest quality medical services for children and parents, we established a team of experts to organize public scientific knowledge training, take advantage of technical experts, create a platform to provide parents with training and knowledge about their child’s diagnosis, how to support their child’s independence and education, and other aspects of growth and development. This training model allows for organic interaction between medical intervention and family education support for children.

BJCH Partnership 1In 2015, the partnership successfully implemented three training activities. The first was a physical therapy presentation in March by Dr. Lisa Kenyon(PT, associated professor, Grand Valley State University, who provided case-based teaching with three children. The second was for parents of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) in April; the presenter was Edna Elisabeth Nyang(CCC-SLP, Speech- Language Pathologist, LIH Olivia’s Place), Finally, Dr. Mease (Developmental-Behavioral Pediatrician, LIH Olivia’s Place) presented additional information for parents of children with ASD in June. The initial three training events were very successful, with both doctors and parents speaking highly of their experience.

In 20016, LIH Olivia’s Place and the Neurology Department of BJCH are planning to continue this partnership to empower parents through training. The training plan for the first six months of 2016 includes 21 training sessions, with topics covering autism spectrum disorder (ASD), attention deficit/hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and cerebral palsy.

To learn more about this program or to obtain information on the training schedule and registration, please contact Yangshaoun at

Caring for Children with Autism Parent Lecture Program

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IMG_2825The second “Caring for Autistic Children -Health Lectures for Parents of Children of Autism” was successfully held at Beijing Chiildren’s Hospital, Capital Medical University, on 28th June 2015. The lecture was jointly organized by Beijing Children Hospital Group, The Department of Neurology at Capital Medical University, the Department of Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology at Capital Medical University, Beijing Developmental and Behavioral Pediatric Association,Beijing Association of Rehabilitation Medicine, and LIH Olivia’s Place.


IMG_2801Dr. Fang Fang, the Director of the Department of Neurology at Beijing Children’s Hospital, and well-known pediatric neurologist, presided. Dr. Mease, Developmental and Behavioral Pediatrician and LIH Olivia’s Place Medical Director, gave the keynote lecture, Rearing and Accompanying Autistic Children: The Behavioral Problems of Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Holding a model of the brain model in his hand, he explained autism spectrum disorders to over forty parents from across the country in simple language. Moreover, he helped them to understand and to be receptive of autism. Dr. Mease presented some behavioral problems in detail, such as sleeping, potty training, ritualistic behavior, obsession or compulsive behaviors, anxiety, depression, hyperactivity-attention deficit, and self-injurious and assaultive behavior. He started with the appearance and assessment of problems through case studies, then attentively guided the parents IMG_2812through the process of drawing solutions. His lecture provided parents with feasible measures to cope with their children’s behaviors, helping to alleviate their anxiety


Dr. Zhang Jishui, from Beijing Children’s Hospital, gave a speech called The Brain Cognitive Function Intervention of Autism. Dr. .Zhang has abundant clinical experience and has been engaged in autism treatment for a long time. Many parents attending the event came from other provinces to hear him speak.



From Left to Right: Susan Zhu, LIH Olivia's Place, Professor Fang, Beijing Children's Hospital, Dr. Alan, Mease, LIH Olivia's Place, and Dr. Zhang Jishui, Beijing Children's Hospital

From Left to Right: Susan Zhu, LIH Olivia’s Place, Professor Fang, Beijing Children’s Hospital, Dr. Alan, Mease, LIH Olivia’s Place, and Dr. Zhang Jishui, Beijing Children’s Hospital

After 3 hours of lectures, lots of parents still wanted to ask questions. One after another, they told Dr. Fang Fang, the director, that they hoped the event could be carried out again. It’s the long-cherished wish of parents to see their children reach their maximum potential. This health lecture aimed at helping parents to understand and accept autism objectively, to cope with present problems, and to be prepared for future challenges.

Physical Therapists Grow Skills Through Visiting Grand Valley State University Professor

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In March 2015, Olivia’s Place had the pleasure of hosting Dr. Lisa Kenyon PT, DPT, PhD, PCS. Lisa is an Associate Professor of Physical Therapy at Grand Valley State University in Michigan, USA. She is a specialist in pediatric physical therapy and physical therapy education. Last winter, Lisa began partnering with Olivia’s Place in the development of a framework to provide educational advancement for Chinese trained therapists.

Participants of the regional Facilitating Movement in Children  workshop at Beijing School for the Blind

Participants of the regional Facilitating Movement in Children workshop at Beijing School for the Blind

Lisa’s visit to China started at Kunming Medical University in Yunnan Province, where she provided three days of training to the university’s rehabilitation educators regarding the US accreditation system and clinical education. Dr. Ao Lijuan, Chair of the university’s Rehabilitation Medicine Department, said, “”Dr. Kenyon was remarkable. Her training was a huge help to all of the faculty and leaders from the rehabilitation education community in China who traveled from around China to hear her. The participants felt her training was vitally helpful to our efforts to advance the profession of physical therapy, set up new physical therapy degree programs and accreditation standards and systems for those programs, and to improve the quality of clinic education for physical therapists here.” Following her time in Kunming, Lisa noted, “Like physical therapist educators I have met from all over the world, the Chinese educators are strongly committed to providing the best education possible for their students so that their students can provide the best possible care to all patients.”

Lisa Kenyon demonstrates techniques to improve head control at Beijing Children's Hospital.

Lisa Kenyon demonstrates techniques to improve head control at Beijing Children’s Hospital.

Lisa also provided training to therapists at Olivia’s Place and Eliott’s Corner on current physical therapy practice in the neonatal intensive care unit and the development of clinical reasoning skills. Lis Ringrose, Clinical Director, reported, “It was great to have Lisa visit and help our clinicians keep up with latest therapy thinking and practice. As we look to working toward our mission of helping to further therapy in China, and we work more in training local therapists, it is vital that we work closely with experienced educators.”

Lisa Kenyon and April Gamble, PT at Eliott's Corner, with training participants at Beijing Children's Hospital.

Lisa Kenyon and April Gamble, PT at Eliott’s Corner, with training participants at Beijing Children’s Hospital.

In Beijing, Lisa also provided a workshop regarding the use of manual handling techniques in facilitating a child’s movement and function.This was hosted by the Beijing School for the Blind. Forty-five therapists, doctors, and teachers attended from schools, hospitals, childcare centers, and orphanages in the Beijing area. An American physical therapist currently practicing in Tianjin who attended the workshop reported that Lisa provided a training that was more valuable than a continuing education course she recently took in America. She highlighted that Lisa provided both theory and relevant application, which is essential if participants are going to incorporate new information into their work with children.

Finally, Lisa provided training at Beijing Children’s Hospital, with participation from about 50 therapists and doctors. She worked directly with three pediatric patients in order to demonstrate the role of physical therapy in spinal cord injury, encephalitis, and coma. Dr. Fang Fang, Chair of the Neurology department at the hospital, stated that the training helped the hospital team further recognize the role of rehabilitation in improving a child’s function in a variety of conditions and diagnoses.

Dr. Han,Beijing Chidren's Hospital (2nd from left), reviews a brain MRI with Lisa and therapists from Eliott's Corner to discuss the role of physical therapy in the child's treatment plan.

Dr. Han,Beijing Chidren’s Hospital (2nd from left), reviews a brain MRI with Lisa and therapists from Eliott’s Corner to
discuss the role of physical therapy in the child’s treatment plan.

Lisa summarized her experience in China with, “I have developed a heart for China and see hope for a future that includes the availability of high quality therapy services for children in China. I look forward to the opportunity to partner with the therapists and staff at Olivia’s Place as they focus on their mission to improve the standard of care for the children in China who have special needs.”